Saturday, August 1, 2009


So I've been inspired (generally by Dr. Johnson, but more recently and specifically by my good friend Jordan) not only to improve myself through the designation of my time to efficiency and growth, but to document it via web blog. The documentation is more for myself than any miscreant who is bored enough to read this crap, but it's kind of like a cheshbon l'nefesh check on how productive I'm actually being with my life. These are a few of the lofty goals I will attempt to accomplish in the coming months:

Train for and participate in the Highstown Triathlon on Sept. 27
Become a decent piano player
Reclaim my saxophone skills
Apply to (and get in to) graduate school
Apply for Aliyah
Work (this first requires getting a job)
Re-learn Latin
Re-learn Greek
Learn Modern Hebrew at least to an Ulpan Gimmel level
Study Torah for at least an hour a day
Read Dowling's Senior Comp List

I think that's quite enough for now, although there are many more things I wish to do. This list looks kind of impossible but with the proper appropriation of time, I think it's doable. I can't make a sample schedule until I know what my work schedule will look like.

Please wish me luck on this!